Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Popular Cinco De Mayo Hats.

My best friend Hollie's favorite holiday is Cinco De Mayo. She insisted that Ryan and I bring sombreros for our night out. When I say insisted, I mean she literally asked me 8 times within a 2 hour period. Ryan and I went to several Party City stores. We did this on actual Cinco De Mayo, so we couldn't find a sombrero to save our lives. In order to avoid disappointing Hollie we decided to make our own. How you ask? Well, we bought $1.00 island style hats, 4 Mexican table decorations, and duck tape.

This was the result.

Believe it or not, these hats were a hit. We got asked all night where we "bought" our hats. When people learned we made them, they couldn't believe it. I'm still not sure how people seriously thought we bought these from a store, but to each their own. Moral of the story - don't buy expensive sombreros on Cinco De Mayo, make your own hats and be the cool kids.

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